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This involves the planning of a Draft Evacuation Scheme through to a fully approved Scheme in compliance with the Fire Safety & Evacuations of Buildings Regulations. Our Schemes also cater for Civil Defense & Bomb Threat Procedures.

The following methodology is adopted for the implementation of each building Scheme:

  • Inspection of building.
  • Installation of procedure notices as appropriate for the building (schematic computer generated floor plans with exit route and assembly area(s).
  • Preparation of Manuals containing the buildings emergency procedures.
  • Ensuring an appropriate Evacuation Board is installed.
  • Prepare Register of persons with disabilities.
  • Liaise with occupiers to arrange building wardens.
  • Provide an online database of building wardens and previous trial evacuations.
  • Provide appropriate wardens identification and other building fire safety gear.
  • Hold Training meetings for wardens with the main emphasis on Evacuation Procedures, Wardens duties, the use of fire fighting equipment. Earthquake and Bomb Threat Procedures are also covered.
  • Arrange and conduct Trial Evacuations in consultation with the Fire Service.
  • Prepare a Report of the Trial Evacuation for the building owner/property manager and occupiers.
  • Provide a formal notice of scheme approval to the building owner/manager.
  • Application of scheme and submission to the New Zealand Fire Service.

Trial Evacuations are held every 6 months in accordance with the Fire Safety & Evacuation of Buildings Regulations 2006.

Trial Evacuations Process:

  • A Time is arranged for the trial to be held with the New Zealand Fire Service and the Chief Warden for the building.
  • Trial is then conducted.
  • Alarms are sounded and the building is then evacuated in accordance to the emergency procedures.
  • The Trial is monitored to ensure wardens act appropriately (direct traffic to correct assembly area, provide floor clearance to the chief warden, wear correct identification and monitor building entrances) and that occupants don’t use the lifts, carry bags, carry beverages, and use the correct assembly area.
  • The Trial Evacuation is timed.
  • After the Trial Evacuation the Building Wardens are given a debrief.
  • Performance Report on the Trial is sent to the building owner/property manager and the building occupants.
  • Facilitate in Consultation with your Contractors, a complete Systems Failure Test coinciding with a Trial Evacuation each 12 months to ensure that Building Systems are actually functioning in a real emergency thus providing an Audit of your systems.
  • Check to see if Warrant of Fitness is installed and is current.
  • Check Lift Certification.

Fire wardens training meetings are provided with the implementation of a new scheme, when the building wardens change or at the request of the owner/property manager. The training includes: The content of the buildings Evacuation Procedures, Warden and Chief Warden duties, and the use Fire Safety Equipment.

We also offer Fire Extinguisher Training on client request.

Our consultants are trained to the highest standards in fire safety and management and have had over 15 years experience in the running of training meetings.